Arunachal Teer

Convert Dreams to Lottery Numbers Based on Your Dreams

Dream numbers are numbers that might be drawn in a teer drawing based on things that appear in your subconcious such as your dreams or things you notice in every day life. If you remember anything specific about your dreams or notice something in your every day life that keeps showing up, type it into the dream number tool and see what that work plays for in the teer.
Your dream Convert your dreams to numbers
Talking to Friends 52535458
Travelling in an aeroplane 2343536368738393
Playing Football 60064050
Goat or buffalo 12181922243442547274849497
Bathing in the open 081828487898
2/3 Wheeler 4434
4 Wheeler 2124546264
Quarrel between husband and wife 030813374073
Getting Money 142434
Snake 1727776797
Erotic dream 174053596083
Travelling 081418526468747898
Cow 3432
Eating 010205151645758595
Male 66
Female 55
Playing 002740505760
Talking over the phone 989694
Breast Feeding 02030512205253
Police 078708
Honey bee 7424140494
Insect 3721
Sour fruits 0003111213233243536370737993
Paddy field 24385254646874
Pumpkin 283548535868788898
Tools : cutter, chopper, hammer 07172747677187
Tool used to cut wood 01576167
An event or a shopping place 182838525862
Small water body 0001028090
Footpath or a road made of bricks 19617191
God 09132989
Book, pen, paper 000205
Earthquake 00070814417595
Ghost or apparition 525458626468
Oven, kiln, fireplace 1231636668
Hand Pump 02030717182071
Pencil 7779
Oven, kiln, fireplace 1231636668
Ghost or apparition 525458626468
Footpath or a road 19617191
Chilli/ Chili 0102
Paddy field 24385254646874
Market 70778299
Chatting with friends 52535458
Fighting 882254
Argue with Police 654699